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7 Signs You’re Probably Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

There always comes a point in your relationship when everything just feels comfortable between you and your partner already. Maybe it’s because you and your partner have gotten really close and you are sure your relationship is for keeps. When this happens, your relationship is actually reaching the point of over-familiarity and while this is not a totally bad thing, it could be the dagger that can tear your relationship to pieces little by little.

Here are 7 signs you are probably too comfortable in your relationship, so you need to consider marriage or tightening it up a little.

Farting and burping episodes

If before, you did your best to hold a fart or a burp in front of your partner but now you find yourself bursting it out in the loudest and the stinkiest way that you can, you are probably too comfortable in your relationship already.

Wearing the “no makeup” look more often

If before, you couldn’t be seen by your partner without even a powder or a foundation on but now you are okay with it, you are probably getting more comfortable. Especially if you no longer cringe when your partner sees you at your ugliest.

Dressing up well is gone

At the first stages of a relationship, you always want to look good for your partner even if you are just staying at home. When trying to dress fashionably is no longer a priority for you, you have probably reached the “too comfortable” zone.

 Using the bathroom with open door or getting naked without hesitation

Yes, your partner may have seen your entire body already, but sometimes, there is still a tinge of awkwardness if they see you completely naked in front of them when changing or if they see your butt because the bathroom door is open. If you don’t hesitate doing it, then you are really too comfortable.

Not much compliments

If you and your partner have stopped giving each other compliments often, then you are both probably too comfortable in your relationship already. You are probably too confident that you always look good for your partner that you no longer need them to say it out loud.

Less romance in love making

Ever heard of the John Meyer song “Your body is a Wonderland”? If you and your partner no longer think that way and no longer explore each other’s bodies just because you have explored every corner and edge already, then you are probably too comfortable in your relationship. Just pray that the “Wonderland” won’t be changed into the “Wasteland”.

Less sweet nothings

If before, you annoyed your friends by how you always said sweet nothings to your partner every hour, every minute, every second, but now you can just fall asleep even without saying or receiving a sweet goodnight text from your partner, you are just too comfortable already.

It’s nice to be comfortable to be truly yourself when you are with your partner, but it is also good to leave … Read More

Four Facts about James Allen Diamonds Everyone Should Know

Are you needing an engagement ring? Congratulations! James Allen Diamonds is here to educate you on all things diamonds so that you can make an informed decision and get a beautiful ring at a great price. Here are four facts you should know about the Marquis Cut Diamond Rings By James Allen.

1. Marquise Cut Diamonds are Cheaper for the Same Weight and Quality

Round diamonds are currently the most popular cut, accounting for nearly 75% of all rings sold. Round diamonds are also the most expensive cut you can but. There are two reasons for this. One is because of the demand and the other is because of waste. To cut a round diamond out of a rough diamond more diamond has to be cut off than with other cuts. Because of the waste and the higher demand, round cut diamonds can cost 40% more than the exact same quality marquise cut diamond.

On the other hand, marquise cut diamonds are one of the most efficient ways to cut diamonds. The shallow depth allows for more surface area and will actually appear bigger than the same weight of a round cut.

2. At James Allen, you can view each engagement ring online and rotate it 360 degrees

If you are buying a ring online you want to be assured that it will look like you expect it to. The biggest downside to any elongated cut is the “bow tie” effect. The bow tie effect is a dark band or “bow tie” that can be seen when viewing the ring from certain angles. This is caused by the reflection of light off the diamond. Some of the light will bounce down into the diamond, creating a darker area.

The quality of the cut and the quality of the diamond will determine how much or how little bow tie you can see. This is why it is so important to be able to look at diamonds at all angles. In person, this is very easy to do, but most online jewelers do not offer this 360-degree viewing service to their customers.

3. The 4 C’s of Marquis Diamonds

Because the marquise cut is considered an alternative cut, most jewelry stores will have a very limited selection and limited knowledge of how they are rated. Here are things to consider when evaluating a marquis cut diamond.

Cut – The cut is measured by the height to width ratio. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but a cut of 1.75:1 – 2.1:1 will give the best-elongated shape while minimizing the bow tie effect. Pay attention also to the “depth” and “table” percentage. The brilliance of diamonds is all about the way light reflects off the angled cuts in the diamond. Look for diamonds rated excellent by certified rating agencies.

Color – The marquise cut is not very forgiving on diamonds of lower color quality. For this reason, it is recommended to stick with anything above a “G” color grade.

Clarity – Because … Read More


I found thіѕ аbουt Bermdua grass seed аnd thουght I wουld share іt wіth уου guys. Hе hаѕ a few gοοd points thаt mοѕt people tend tο over look wіth shopping fοr grass seed.

Hаνе уου еνеr wandered асrοѕѕ a landscape devoid οf grass? A рlасе without grass саn bе аn eyesore аt times. Whether уου аrе stuck іn thе concrete jungle οf thе city οr thе featureless expanse οf a sandy desert, уου wіll surely miss thе sight аnd feel οf grass under уουr feet. Grass improves aesthetic οf places value bесаυѕе οf іtѕ soothing green color. Thаt іѕ whу іt іѕ refreshing tο trek οn nature trails, whеrе іt grows abundantly.

Many sports require thе υѕе οf grass, although we usually have to mow it with a lawn mower. Aside frοm having pleasing aesthetic value, grass аlѕο provides a level playing field fοr sports such аѕ soccer. Even though soccer саn bе played іn аn indoor setting οr οn clay, thе best soccer matches аrе still held οn grassy fields. Parks аll over thе world аrе аlѕο resplendent wіth grass.

Hаνе уου еνеr envisioned having a picnic οn bare asphalt οr a plastic surface? Mοѕt lіkеlу уου hаνе nοt. Grass hаѕ many purposes іn ουr everyday lives, аnd іt іѕ іmрοrtаnt tο know hοw tο care fοr thе mοѕt commonly used grass nowadays.

If уου аrе fond οf gardening, thеn mοѕt lіkеlу уου hаνе heard аbουt thе efficacy οf using Bermuda grass οn lawns, іt wіll provides a soothing background tο аnу landscape design, аnd саn bе placed аѕ аn overlay tο mοѕt types οf terrain, іt іѕ considered аѕ perennial, аnd саn grow οn mοѕt climates. Sο whether уου аrе living іn a sub-tropical οr tropical area, уου wουld nοt hаνе difficulty managing уουr garden grass, just a proper mowing schedule with a self propelled lawn mower or a push reel mower, then you will have a nice lawn.

Aside frοm being used іn house lawns, Bermuda grass саn аlѕο bе seen іn sprawling golf clubs, resorts, аnd baseball fields. Bесаυѕе οf іtѕ popularity аѕ a lawn implement, many people dο nοt know thаt іѕ actually invasive, thаt іѕ whу extra care ѕhουld bе taken wіth regards tο whеrе іtѕ ѕhουld bе рυt.

Bermuda grass seed grows best іn a tropical οr sub-tropical climate. In countries whеrе snow іѕ prevalent mοѕt οf thе year, thе growth іѕ slower thаn normal. Thіѕ іѕ bесаυѕе grass thrives best аt warm temperatures, whісh іѕ essential fοr іtѕ growth аnd development.

Alѕο, іt requires high exposure tο sunlight. Thіѕ саn bе a problem especially іn countries whісh experience short daylight hours. If уου аrе wondering whеn уου саn actually gеt Bermuda grass seed, thеn уου ѕhουld wait until thе grass experiences a drought period. Thе seeds аrе released аѕ a survival mechanism fοr Bermuda grass. Yου mіght hаνе difficulty gathering thе seeds though, аѕ thеу аrе extremely small.

Whеn іt comes tο ideal soil environment, thе Bermuda grass seed tolerates … Read More

Workplace Injuries Can be Compensated in Certain Situations

Accidents in the workplace happen every day of the year, and even if your company has workers’ compensation insurance, an accident can still turn your life upside down, for months or even years. Hiring an attorney is sometimes your best bet, particularly if the injury is severe, because these professionals will help make sure you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering. Accidents can result in broken bones, burns, muscular damage, and even repetitive strain injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. If you are out of work for a while after an injury, especially if you are not getting paid during this time, it is especially important that you be compensated, and a professional lawyer can go over everything you are entitled to in greater detail.

Why Do Workplace Injuries Occur?

Many workplace injuries occur because of negligence on the part of the employer. If they have freshly mopped floors but no signs up warning people about wet floors, if they are located in an old building that still has asbestos and other harmful materials, or even if they forget to repair a bump in the driveway that can cause employees to slip and fall, they are being neglectful and could possibly be held liable. Most workplace accidents are avoidable, and there are certain things employers can do to reduce the chances of an accident. These include proper training of employees on certain safety techniques, having an on-site room where employees can go to take a break periodically, making sure the work day is a reasonable length, providing a way for employees to communicate their concerns, and being more aware of the surroundings to make sure that nothing is there that could result in someone falling, or otherwise being injured, are all things employers can do to reduce the chances of an accident in their place of business. This is important, especially in today’s litigious society, because no business wants to be sued by one of its employees, which is why taking precautions in the first place is much smarter and more effective.

When Accidents Occur Anyway

If your employer is trying to make your workplace safer there are numerous things they can do to be successful. However, if they ignore certain governmental safety regulations, keep defective equipment around, or even ignore certain environmental laws, an injury or illness can still occur. When this happens, a good attorney can let you know what your rights are. Even if you have had a family member who died because of the incompetence of a certain employer, you can likely still file a lawsuit against them. Since most initial visits with a lawyer are free, it is easy to determine what you can and cannot do to receive compensation for your injury or loss, so visiting with one is always a smart idea in these situations. Workplace injuries can and do occur, but there are things employers can do to reduce the chance of this happening, and there are things … Read More