7 Signs You’re Probably Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

There always comes a point in your relationship when everything just feels comfortable between you and your partner already. Maybe it’s because you and your partner have gotten really close and you are sure your relationship is for keeps. When this happens, your relationship is actually reaching the point of over-familiarity and while this is not a totally bad thing, it could be the dagger that can tear your relationship to pieces little by little.

Here are 7 signs you are probably too comfortable in your relationship, so you need to consider marriage or tightening it up a little.

Farting and burping episodes

If before, you did your best to hold a fart or a burp in front of your partner but now you find yourself bursting it out in the loudest and the stinkiest way that you can, you are probably too comfortable in your relationship already.

Wearing the “no makeup” look more often

If before, you couldn’t be seen by your partner without even a powder or a foundation on but now you are okay with it, you are probably getting more comfortable. Especially if you no longer cringe when your partner sees you at your ugliest.

Dressing up well is gone

At the first stages of a relationship, you always want to look good for your partner even if you are just staying at home. When trying to dress fashionably is no longer a priority for you, you have probably reached the “too comfortable” zone.

 Using the bathroom with open door or getting naked without hesitation

Yes, your partner may have seen your entire body already, but sometimes, there is still a tinge of awkwardness if they see you completely naked in front of them when changing or if they see your butt because the bathroom door is open. If you don’t hesitate doing it, then you are really too comfortable.

Not much compliments

If you and your partner have stopped giving each other compliments often, then you are both probably too comfortable in your relationship already. You are probably too confident that you always look good for your partner that you no longer need them to say it out loud.

Less romance in love making

Ever heard of the John Meyer song “Your body is a Wonderland”? If you and your partner no longer think that way and no longer explore each other’s bodies just because you have explored every corner and edge already, then you are probably too comfortable in your relationship. Just pray that the “Wonderland” won’t be changed into the “Wasteland”.

Less sweet nothings

If before, you annoyed your friends by how you always said sweet nothings to your partner every hour, every minute, every second, but now you can just fall asleep even without saying or receiving a sweet goodnight text from your partner, you are just too comfortable already.

It’s nice to be comfortable to be truly yourself when you are with your partner, but it is also good to leave a little mystery and surprise that your partner will always look forward to discovering and getting from you even after marriage. If you want to find yourself a partner you can be comfortable with, create your online dating profile at Mature Dating Online.

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