Four Facts about James Allen Diamonds Everyone Should Know

Are you needing an engagement ring? Congratulations! James Allen Diamonds is here to educate you on all things diamonds so that you can make an informed decision and get a beautiful ring at a great price. Here are four facts you should know about the Marquis Cut Diamond Rings By James Allen.

1. Marquise Cut Diamonds are Cheaper for the Same Weight and Quality

Round diamonds are currently the most popular cut, accounting for nearly 75% of all rings sold. Round diamonds are also the most expensive cut you can but. There are two reasons for this. One is because of the demand and the other is because of waste. To cut a round diamond out of a rough diamond more diamond has to be cut off than with other cuts. Because of the waste and the higher demand, round cut diamonds can cost 40% more than the exact same quality marquise cut diamond.

On the other hand, marquise cut diamonds are one of the most efficient ways to cut diamonds. The shallow depth allows for more surface area and will actually appear bigger than the same weight of a round cut.

2. At James Allen, you can view each engagement ring online and rotate it 360 degrees

If you are buying a ring online you want to be assured that it will look like you expect it to. The biggest downside to any elongated cut is the “bow tie” effect. The bow tie effect is a dark band or “bow tie” that can be seen when viewing the ring from certain angles. This is caused by the reflection of light off the diamond. Some of the light will bounce down into the diamond, creating a darker area.

The quality of the cut and the quality of the diamond will determine how much or how little bow tie you can see. This is why it is so important to be able to look at diamonds at all angles. In person, this is very easy to do, but most online jewelers do not offer this 360-degree viewing service to their customers.

3. The 4 C’s of Marquis Diamonds

Because the marquise cut is considered an alternative cut, most jewelry stores will have a very limited selection and limited knowledge of how they are rated. Here are things to consider when evaluating a marquis cut diamond.

Cut – The cut is measured by the height to width ratio. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but a cut of 1.75:1 – 2.1:1 will give the best-elongated shape while minimizing the bow tie effect. Pay attention also to the “depth” and “table” percentage. The brilliance of diamonds is all about the way light reflects off the angled cuts in the diamond. Look for diamonds rated excellent by certified rating agencies.

Color – The marquise cut is not very forgiving on diamonds of lower color quality. For this reason, it is recommended to stick with anything above a “G” color grade.

Clarity – Because of the pointed tips of the marquis cut, a higher clarity rating is important to get the brilliance you are looking for.

Carat – The marquise cut diamond has the most surface are of any other diamond cut. This means that the weight of the diamond is much less important. This is also the main reason a marquis cut engagement ring is so competitively priced.

4. The Marquis Cut Diamond offers more versatility in creating a custom ring

Because of the elongated style, there is a broad range of settings the marquis diamond is suitable for. This allows for creating a one of kind ring that she’ll be able to show off to all her friends.


The marquise diamond is a terrific option when shopping for an engagement ring. It offers a high quality and unique look while not sacrificing on beauty. You can buy a higher clarity and higher color grade while opting for a lower weight. The end result will be a ring that looks larger and more brilliant at a cheaper price.

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