San Diego Family Law Practitioners

San Diego Family Law Practitioners

Many types of family law cases are emotionally difficult, especially when they involve divorce, child custody and support. Others are some of the happiest times that people experience like with a successful adoption. Each process can take years to finalize. Even when the parties to a divorce start out with efforts at reaching an amicable resolution of their differences, the parties can become acrimonious and argumentative. A knowledgeable and experienced family law lawyer from here at Garwood Reeves can provide legal counsel and guidance that can prove to be invaluable. That’s because we have strong experience in family law cases like the following:

  • Temporary and final orders of child and spousal support.
  • Child custody and division and distribution of assets.
  • Drafting and enforcement of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.
  • Contempt proceedings.
  • Domestic violence.

We Focus on the Best Interests of Your Children

When child custody, visitation, and support are at issue, matters can become intense. Mediation might even be required. We understand how such issues can affect some parents. Our approach to such matters is sympathetic and humane. As the best interests of the children is of paramount importance, we might need to customize legal strategies to suit the psychological, physical and emotional needs of children. If we’re not confident that a single provision of a parenting agreement doesn’t operate in the best interests of your children, we’re not going to recommend that you just live with it. Our objective is to assist you and your children in moving ahead in a vision of a new future.

Division of Property

If the parties to a divorce don’t have any significant assets, a division of property is fairly should be easy to work out. When a couple has been together for 10 to 20 years or more, it quickly becomes complex. We’re required to examine and weigh present earnings, retirement plans, debts like mortgages and credit cards, business valuations for the self-employed, the factors involved in spousal support, and stock options. Our goal in this context is the preservation of your future.

Domestic Violence

These words refer to a wide range of abuse committed on family members. California’s laws provide for protection for domestic violence or abuse victims. Here are just a few examples of what might be considered to be domestic violence or abuse:

  • When your spouse tries to or intentionally harms you physically.
  •  If he or she threatens, harasses, or intimidates you or otherwise interferes with your civil liberties.
  • If he or she stalks you at your residence or place of employment.

You can speak with us about a restraining order directed at the abuser for your protection and possibly even the protection of your children.

What Goes Into a Child Custody Order?

The law in California recognizes two types of child custody. Those are physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody involves who the children are primarily going to live with. Legal custody involves the making of important decisions on behalf of the children. Unless a judge determines that the parties are both fit and proper parents to share in the joint care, custody, and control of the children, physical and legal custody of the children will be awarded solely to one of the parties. The other party will be awarded the right of visitation. 

Our law firm practices exclusively in family law. We possess the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to render the highest quality of legal services possible in family law matters. If you’re even just contemplating a divorce, it’s strongly recommended that you speak with us in order to gain an understanding of what you’re getting into along with how we might assist you.

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