Steps to Make Hiring a Virtual Assistant Easier and Faster

Steps to Make Hiring a Virtual Assistant Easier and Faster

Virtual assistants (VA) transformed the way businesses and entrepreneurs work. They are the key to scaling a business and working less. To keep it short, virtual assistants are the unsung heroes of the digital world.

Businesses can save 78% of their annual operating cost if they hire a virtual assistant instead of a regular employee.  They can save overhead and training costs. They’ll only be charged the number of hours worked by the VA instead of a full 8-hour for a regular employee. They are also flexible since you can hire one only when you need them. Now, the question is, where to hire a virtual assistant?

The Top 2 Countries Where You Can Hire a Virtual Assistant

Most businesses in Australia, Canada, Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. hire a virtual assistant in India and the Philippines. The main reason for drawing them to get VAs in these two countries is the lower labour cost. The second is that they are easy to work with.

India is the 2nd largest English-speaking country after the United States. The country has a huge BPO infrastructure and most clients prefer hiring them for back office and IT works. Indian virtual assistants are very good at accounting, email automation, IT services, and record maintenance.

The Philippines has a 97% literacy rate and an English proficiency rating of 85% – the best in Asia. Being a melting pot of the orient, Filipinos have the innate ability to conform to a different culture. This is why Filipino virtual assistants excel in customer service and sales.

Most virtual assistants from the Philippine can handle inbound and outbound calls, chat and email support together with appointment scheduling and file organizations.

Where to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Asking for a recommendation from your network is the best way to find a virtual assistant. You can source from your family members, friends, and trusted colleagues.

If you can find a good recommendation, the best place to hire virtual assistance is through online searches. You can join a freelance marketplace to find one. Think of it as an NBA draft. First, you post a job listing on the freelance marketplace.

The job listing must contain the skills you need for a VA and what their job description will be. Freelancers who are interested to apply will be sending you their portfolio and resume. You can sift through these portfolios and contact the candidates you prefer to hire.

LinkedIn is also a good platform to find a virtual assistant. You can post a job listing using your LinkedIn homepage. Again, the post should contain the job description and skills you need for a virtual assistant. Interested LinkedIn professionals will then reply to your job post by sending their portfolio and resume. You can check them one by one and contact those you think can be a good fit.

Pro-Tips Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Before you hire a virtual assistant, doing a background check is very important. Remember that you’ll be entrusting your VA sensitive information like your business documents, contact list, and even your dealings. So, it’s best to do your research first.

Ask for character references like a former client, colleague, supervisor, or teacher. You can contact them through email or online messaging to check for the candidate’s work behaviour and ethics.

Conducting a trial task and a writing sample is also recommended. From the trial task, you can determine if their skills match what you needed. From the writing sample, you can get a view of how they communicate well. These can also give you an idea of their potentials and weaknesses.

Last, you must speak over a video call before finalizing the contract. This can be a sort of orientation with each other. It’s also the best way to relay what you’re expecting as you move forward to a working relationship.

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