3 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

3 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

Starting your own online business can be very difficult if you don’t know what to do. With so many different things business owners can do to get their business noticed, it might be difficult to know which ones to use immediately and which ones to use later.

Deciding what method to use is the most difficult. The type of business you run and your target market are also important factors in the decision making process. In this article you will see several ways that you can use to get your business noticed.

* Lead

Depending on the type of business you run, you might be able to buy referrals. Company leaders have people who register and fill out forms that show what they are interested in as far as products and joining the business. Then the lead company takes all the information and puts it in a database. They then sell referrals to people who are looking for people to buy products or join their business.

Buying leads is the best way to get people to buy your product or join your business if you don’t have people to call or you don’t like to call. Leads are sold to several people unless you buy a package that is only sold to one person. Prices depend on how many times they are sold.

* Exchange Exchange

Text links are a great way to build traffic and increase your ranking in search engines. When you decide to do a link exchange, you need to find a site that has high traffic and has a page rank of three or higher. You also need to look for sites that are comparable to yours. You do not want to put your website on a site that is for your direct competition. For example, if you sell makeup, you can exchange links with sites that sell women’s jewelry and clothing. You don’t want to exchange links with sites that sell makeup.

* Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Have you ever clicked on one of the ads on the right side when you did a Google search? These are paid advertisements called Pay-Per-Click advertisements. When you set up a campaign for Pay-Per-Click advertising, you decide on keywords that match your website and business. You want your keywords to be specific to your product or service.

The cost of the Pay-Per-Click campaign is up to you. You pay a certain price for each keyword and that price is based on the popularity of that word. You set a limit per month and you will never exceed that limit. Prices can range from money to a few dollars. After you set this up, your ad will appear on the right side every time someone searches for your keywords. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The fee depends on the dollar amount assigned to that keyword. When you reach the monthly limit, your ads will not appear again until the month begins again.

When you read all of these types of advertisements and decide to start one or more, you need to make sure you keep using them for several months before you change or stop using them. Studies show you need to put your business in front of people 5-7 times before they will consider looking at what you have to offer. When you stick with certain types of advertisements for several months, you will find one that works and you will see the success and traffic you want.

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