Job Interview Advice – Dos and Don’ts For Your Big Day

If you have a job interview scheduled in the coming days, you might be a bit nervous. It is okay to be nervous, but right now you want to focus on the preparation. We all know that you should show up on time for a job interview and be dressed professional, but what other helpful job interview tips are out there? Keep reading on to get some.

DO start out the interview with a “thanks for meeting me” type of message. Who says that the thanks and the handshake needs to be left for the end of the interview. Start yourself off on the right foot and make it known that you are pleased to have the opportunity to interview for the job. While you don’t want to sound desperate or like you must have the job, let your excitement about the future and its possibilities show a bit.

Job Interview Advice - Dos and Don'ts For Your Big Day

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DON’T let one little mistake trip-up your entire job interview. It is rare for someone to have a perfect job interview. Sometimes, we realize that a phrase could have been worded better as soon as we close our mouths. You might say or do a wrong thing or two in your job interview and that is okay and it is normal. The key though is to not dwell on these mistakes; brush yourself off and focus on the rest of the interview.

DO be honest when answering questions during an interview. This is important for a number of reasons. Just like lying on your resume is advised against, a hiring manager typically checks references first. If you lie about a position you held or a job duty you performed, there is a good chance that will hear the truth when contacting your former employer.

DON’T get into any long-winded life stories. It is common for job interviews to ask some semi-personal questions or ask for questions that required a detailed answer. After all, it is a great way to learn about job candidates. On that same note, you want to provide your answer and be done with it. You also don’t want to become the gossip king or queen. It is common to be asked to name a problem in the workplace you overcame. A good example is handling a difficult customer complaint not trying to focus on your work while your coworker was chatting on the phone with her boyfriend.

DO be prepared to get a job right on the spot. In all honesty, the chances of this happening are pretty small. Most hiring managers like to go through a few interviews before they offer the job to someone, but you never know. You might be the last interview or you might have impressed the hiring manager so much that they don’t want you to get away. In that case, it is a good idea to have all the necessary documents with you just in case. These documents tend to include a picture id, such as a driver’s license and a social security card.

DON’T forget to thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to meet with them. Since job interviews do have the potential to be overwhelming, you might want to hightail it out of that office as fast as you can. Trust me that this is a normal feeling, but don’t do so without a firm handshake and a thank you. Show that not only are you qualified for the job, but that you are also professional, polite, and courteous.

Now that you have some helpful job interview tips, are you ready to start your job search?

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