Reducing Data Entry Time For Your Telemarketing Team

Reducing Data Entry Time For Your Telemarketing Team

We all know that in the course of business lead generation work, entering business data is an essential task. Even telemarketing, as the most effective tool in marketing and sales communication, is not immune to it. While this is a necessary task, the problem here is that it may take a lot of time to fill up. And that is something counterproductive to telemarketers, who need to spend a lot of their time calling prospects, generating sales leads. They cannot afford to waste their time inputting data in their various forms. Surely, there is a better way for that, right? Luckily, there is an answer to that.

All you have to do is to follow these tips below:

Find the wasted time – sometimes, you will fail to see where you are wasting your time. That is why you have to step back and see what area in data entry is choking your telemarketers. You need to see things in a different light if you want to know where exactly you are slowing down, as well as seek ways to make the task faster. This will make generating sales leads more efficiently.

Use automation – some tasks are simply time-wasting because you have to do it manually. By automating data entry, you can significantly reduce the time being spent on manually inputting data, not to mention getting more out of your process. You can choose whatever system that will work for you. Reduce the repetition of questions as well as free up the agents’ hands. When telemarketers talk, they need to concentrate on the conversation. It will be challenging if they are holding the phone on one hand while typing on the other. Hands-free handsets can be an excellent help to these agents. They can now use both hands in typing, as well as help them focus better on calls.

Provide good audio equipment – one reason why entering data can be tedious is because the telemarketing representative cannot easily hear the words spoken by prospects. This increases frustrations, as well as slow down the performance of the agent. Try providing the agent with better audio equipment so that they can hear the other speaker better, as well as minimize the friction that a bad reception creates between the agent and prospects.

Streamline the data system – one of the biggest reasons for productivity bottlenecks is due to the database system itself failing to provide the needed information, or requires all sorts of manual data entry. It may be possible that different data will require a different form. You will need to streamline this, reduce the burden of the agent, to speed up their work process. They can then concentrate more on getting B2B leads for you.

There are other things that you can do to reduce the time it takes to process data. Of course, if you need more professional help, or if you have budget concerns, then you can simply outsource the work to a competent and qualified telemarketing company.

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