Van Catering for your Cellular Food Business

Van Catering for your Cellular Food Business

If you plan to start a food business but don’t have enough capital to set up a restaurant or restaurant, you might want to consider starting your food business through a mobile catering car.

There are many cellular food businesses nowadays and they serve a variety of customers. From offering burgers, hot dogs and deli sandwiches to a variety of drinks; This cellular food business is growing rapidly when exposed to the right market.

Therefore, starting this type of business requires careful study to get it from the right direction. If you are passionate about food and people, you already have two very important factors.


One of the first things you need to consider when starting this kind of business is the product you want to offer. Because catering vans, although equipped with cooking utensils, still have limitations, therefore; food or drinks that are easily prepared must be considered.

If you want to participate and want to sell burgers and other fast food; consider your selling points. Do you have special ingredients or recipes that will make your burger or sandwich more attractive to your potential customers?

Maybe you can offer your goods at a lower price but still with superior quality. Thinking of coming-to attract customers and get them back for more is important to stabilize your business and also allow you to grow in the future.

Who is your target market and where do you plan to park your cellular business? Moving on of course means you can transfer from one place to another without difficulty, but living in one particular area at a time can increase your customers before moving to the next.

Next, costing and budgeting. This includes expenses for your materials and packaging, gasoline and other expenses. You also need to enter here the amount that you spent on your catering van.

If getting a new van is not possible right now, there are plenty of used vans that you can buy and you might find some great deals on the internet.


As mentioned, there are many used vans for catering that you can find on the internet. It is equipped with essential cooking utilities such as an oven, microwave oven, sink, stove and even a small refrigerator.

You can also add other cooking utensils if there are other things that you consider important for your cooking. Prices can vary but you can get a good offer and the price is usually negotiable, depending on the van owner.

You can arrange with the owner for an eye inspection and even a test drive so you can see the exact condition of the van and decide if that’s what you really need or not.

The most commonly used vans are specifically equipped for certain food products such as burger vans or sandwich sandwiches; and even a drink van; so you can also check these factors when looking for your food car.

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