Biggest slot machine win ever refused

Mega jackpot that was refused to pay out

Millions of people worldwide play slot machines e.g. Lord of the ocean, megabucks, fortune wheel, etc. Yet, very few of them hit the jackpots. Though, even if they do, where is the guarantee that won millions will be paid out?

Just a year ago, Katrina Bookman from New York won almost $43 million, playing her favourite slot machine yet was refused to payout by the casino. No wonder, she decided to sue the Resort World Casino – a place where she hit a multimillion jackpot that could become the biggest in the gambling history.

A steak dinner worth of $ 42. 949.672.76

Needless to say how devastated K. Bookman was when she was refused to pay out the money. But what made the situation even more ridiculous is the point that the casino has offered Bookman a steak dinner as compensation. Of course, she refused it and is planning to sue the casino instead.

Nobody could understand why the jackpot was refused to pay out, as the winner had all the legitimate proof of a positive outcome. Bookman even took a selfie of her and a screen at the back, confirming the win which could be the largest in the history of the US. She was then asked to call to the management of the casino to report of the win, but was shortly informed that the gambling house will not pay her a penny.

Ecstatic mood one day & shocking news the other

Of course, who wouldn’t feel happy, seeing $43 million on a screen of a slot machine? Being all excited and surprised with the result of a simple game, K. Bookman managed to take a selfie, depicting flashing lights and a notification of a jackpot.

The whole first floor was in ecstatic mood knowing that the hugest ever jackpot was hit. While the mood of a casino was super thrilling, the mood of the casinos’ officials was very different. Katrina Bookman was accompanied to a quieter place, where she was asked to come the next day. It was exactly when she heard the shocking news: she will not be paid out anything but could have a steak dinner at the casino’s expense

Ground for a deny

When the officials of the Resorts World Casino were asked for the reason of a denial, they stated that the machine Bookman was playing on had malfunctioned. That’s why the casino is not paying her anything but as an apology for inconveniences offered to enjoy a dinner.

The outcome of the biggest refusal ever

Surprisingly enough but the New York State Gaming Commission has supported the casino, informing that a machine had really malfunctioned and that the maximum amount of money Bookman could win was only $2.25. It was also added that this same slot machine was taken away from the gambling house for repairing. Currently, the machine operates again, so be careful playing it.

  1. Bookman is planning to give a notice of appeal again claiming that when a gambler loses, the machine takes the money, subsequently, it should pay back when a player wins. Only then it will be fair.